Get Your Friends 
To The Most 
on a Tour in Lagares!
Our services are on an all-inclusive basis

The logistics are with us and the fun is up to you.

With our headquarters located in Lagares, all our routes are ridden off-road, with no repetition in tracks. 

All five senses will be awakened by memorable routes and the adrenaline of adventure that you will find on each and every trail. For everything to be perfect, we of course, will also be introducing you to our excellent local cuisine.

This tour is three days on a motorcycle in and around Lagares, also includes the mountains of Porto with the spectacular views over the Douro Valley.

You’ll have the opportunity to roll along the schist trails, through vineyards or pine forests, with time to refresh your feet in the local streams.

A route designed for all experience levels and seasons.

So, are you up for this adventure with us?

Day 1
Arrival at Porto airport, transfer to the hotel, rest of the day free, welcome meeting, dinner included.
Day 2
All day on the motorbike, lunch, dinner, snacks and drinks included.
Day 3
All day on the motorbike, lunch, dinner, snacks and drinks included.
Day 4
Day on the motorbike, transfers to Porto airport after 6pm, lunch, snacks and drinks included.
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